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17x Return On Investment And 8% Bottom Line Growth

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Reardon’s Snooker and Pool has two clubs and bars in Glasgow. They have been working with Groweb since 2014. The owners of Reardon’s first approached Groweb looking for a new website. Groweb’s discovery process revealed a previously hidden opportunity to drive business growth, which they have since turned into a successful strategy with multiple tactics to bring in new customers and revenue. Reardon’s has seen significant growth as a result.

  • A new website with bespoke deals system has produced a new income stream with virtually no additional work required by staff.
  • Email marketing has generated more revenue from existing customers.
  • Local optimisation has consolidated the company's position as the #1 choice for a snooker or pool hall in Glasgow.
  • Deals system and related increased awareness from the website have produced a business growth over one year which amounted to a 17.2x return on the initial investment within 12 months, and an 8% bottom line growth.
  • Ongoing marketing continues to drive more business growth.

Since working with Groweb we’ve seen an 8% bottom line growth. We’ve made back our initial investment 17.2 times in 12 months.
Brian Links (Company owner, Reardon’s Snooker and Pool, Glasgow)

“We’re looking for a new website”

Like many of our clients, Reardon’s Snooker and Pool approached us asking for a new website to replace their existing outdated site. Our reply was the same as we always give: “Why do you need a new website?”

Ultimately, the answer given by any business ought to be that a new website is part of a strategy to drive real business growth. However, like so many local businesses, Reardon’s were unaware of the benefits a strategy could bring.

We worked through our digital marketing strategy discovery process, and uncovered an opportunity in the level and quality of traffic coming to the existing website. We produced a strategy which included tactics to take advantage of this opportunity to produce a revenue stream, as well as bring in more customers to the snooker and pool clubs and bars.

A new revenue stream

Initially the new website offered a “free hour” deal, which we were able to demonstrate from tracking data was bringing in significant numbers of new customers who had never been to the clubs before.

Reardon’s had previously been making an additional revenue stream from the now-retired Amazon Local. Taking inspiration from this and following the success of the free hour deal, we built a system to allow website visitors to sign up for a deal they could use in one of the clubs.

This provided an opportunity to reach out to members of the clubs via email, turning an unused database of contacts into further revenue.

By monitoring and optimising the results of this strategy, Reardon’s soon saw a steady stream of new income from purchases of the online deals. This also resulted in the clubs becoming busier, and more growth from members bringing friends, and booking corporate events and parties.

Local domination

From before Groweb’s involvement, Reardon’s had excellent rankings for the most-searched relevant keywords such as “pool hall glasgow” and “snooker glasgow”. However, their visibility in the local rankings was not as good, in particular for the Southside location, which was not as busy.

This was the situation. The Southside location wasn’t showing at all in the local results for a relevant search, and the Central location wasn’t fully optimised:

reardons location 1

After work on the Local SEO for both the Central and Southside locations, Reardon’s now dominates the local search results, making them the obvious first choice:

reardons location 2

Ongoing partnership

Groweb continues to work with Reardon’s to drive more business growth and develop new ways to add value to the business.

Since working with Groweb we’ve seen an 8% bottom line growth. We’ve made back our initial investment 17.2 times in 12 months.
Brian Links (Company owner, Reardon’s Snooker and Pool, Glasgow)