Case Study | J&A Anderson Roofing

From a marketing mess to a steady stream of new customers

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Executive Summary

ja anderson roofingJ&A Anderson Roofing provide a quality roofing service with excellent customer service, and have a loyal customer base who regularly refer new customers. However, their growth has slowed and their existing marketing provider could not demonstrate that the work they were doing was bringing in new customers, and J&A Anderson were not visible online for local searches. Groweb took over the existing website and created a strategy to target new customers by increasing local online visibility and proactively targeting searches. The results were a steady stream of enquiries from new customers who had no way of finding the company previously, resulting in an increase in company turnover and a return on investment of several hundred percent.

  • Several previous providers had either created or failed to resolve issues with links and business listing data which were preventing local online visibility.
  • Groweb started proactively cleaning up and building new links and business listings.
  • Groweb made a series of improvements to the website to improve rankings, usability and quality.
  • A test campaign of Google ads proved phone and email enquiries were generated, so a full campaign was rolled out, generating a steady stream of new customers.

Finally, some online marketing that actually works, and I can see the results in what matters - the phone ringing and new customers.
Thomas Haig, Owner, J & A Anderson Roofing

How the story began

As a long-established family business, J&A Anderson have an excellent reputation among their customers. Customers regularly return, and tell all their friends who become customers too. However, all of this happens “offline”, in the real world. And like all local businesses, J&A Anderson knew they needed to be making the most of the online world too.

The problem was, they didn’t have anyone in-house with the technical knowhow, so they needed external help. Over the years they worked with a number of marketing companies, got a website, paid for marketing campaigns, and were shown reports suggesting that they were getting results.

The problem was, the phone just wasn’t ringing as often as it used to. It began to feel as though the business was getting quieter, despite customers being happier than ever.

Digital marketing in a bit of a mess

The owners of J&A Anderson reached out to Groweb for advice. As digital marketing consultants we relish an interesting problem, so we got to work gathering and analysing data.

It soon became clear that J&A Anderson’s digital marketing was not in a good state. Some bad experiences with previous providers had left a trail of spammy links, a poorly optimised website, inaccurate business details in multiple listings around the web, and poor rankings due to these low quality factors.

One previous provider had required that they use a “tracking number” in their marketing. (In general this is a good idea to ensure that digital marketing results can be tracked, analysed and acted on to gain improvements). The problem was that this number was now listed in various places all over the internet - and it no longer worked. Potentially new customers were finding the company online and trying to call, but were unable to get through. Added to this was the fact that as a long-established company the phone number was recognisable locally, and a new number had the potential to create confusion and mistrust, so J&A Anderson were not comfortable with having more than one number viewable publicly.

There was also a paid traffic campaign to get in front of potential roofing customers on Google, but it was badly configured and managed, so was generating virtually no enquiries.

Tidying up the mess!

Taking into account the budget available, we started the process of cleaning up and making improvements.

After a few months of steady work on both the website and the various mentions of the company around the web, rankings started to recover. J&A Anderson are now well on their way to visibility on page one of Google for the searches people in Glasgow are using to find a roofing company.

However, in the meantime we weren’t content to just wait for Google to respond to these improvements with higher rankings and more visibility. So we set up a test Google AdWords campaign, to determine whether this was a viable tactic for J&A Anderson or not.

Tracking website form submissions and phone calls (manually using a spreadsheet, not a tracking number!) allowed both J&A Anderson and Groweb to see what new enquiries running the ads produced. To be doubly sure, we then turned off the campaign for a couple of weeks, and continued to track incoming enquiries.

The results were crystal clear - with the ads, a regular stream of new customers saying the found contact details on Google. Without the ads, not a single enquiry mentioning Google.

With these results proving the viability, we scaled up the AdWords campaign and began ongoing improvements to keep the steady stream of new customers coming.

A positive future, thanks to local digital marketing

In time this steady stream of customers will be increased by enquiries from the organic rankings as a results of ongoing improvements. When this is well established the AdWords budget can be reduced, saving the company money.

Thanks to local digital marketing, J&A Anderson can look at the future with confidence, knowing new customers will keep coming in, and they no longer need to be reliant on word of mouth alone.

Finally, some online marketing that actually works, and I can see the results in what matters - the phone ringing and new customers.
Thomas Haig, Owner, J & A Anderson Roofing