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You’re a hero!

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As a local business owner you are something of a hero. You spend most of your time managing the day-to-day chaos of your business, and a good chunk of time with your sleeves rolled up delivering great service to your customers at the coalface. Nothing particularly heroic in that, you say?

Local is powerful

At Groweb we believe that local is powerful. Our world is full of massive corporations and brands which are becoming increasingly unpopular. These huge companies have only one priority: making more money. People are getting fed up with it all:

  • Tax avoidance
  • Unethical manufacturing
  • Unethical employment
  • Poor quality, expensive products
  • Overseas customer service
  • Advertising that over-promises but service that under-delivers
  • And so on and so on!

People are turning back to local businesses.

  • They want to shop for products and services which they know are ethical and good quality.
  • They want to deal with a friendly, helpful person they can relate to from start to finish and especially if they have an issue that needs dealt with.
  • They want to spend their money in the local economy, not give it to some transnational giant.
  • They want interesting products and services, not boring, unchanging carbon copies.

As a local business, you’re providing what people actually want. And more importantly, you’re making the world a better place. You’re improving the economy, and improving the lives of your suppliers and customers.

And you’re stopping the massive corporations and brands from making our world into a boring, monotonous place with no real choice or variety.

That’s why we think you’re a hero!

That’s also why we love to lend a helping hand to local businesses whenever we can. We want to see local businesses of every kind reaching the people who want what they offer. We want to see your business getting more customers, making more profit. And we think you and the whole economy will benefit as a result.

Depending on the size of your business and marketing opportunity, we may or may not be able to offer our help - our Express Audit is open (and currently free) for all business owners. Why not get an expert opinion and see if there are any opportunities you're missing out on?

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Geoff Todd
Author: Geoff Todd
Founder, Digital Marketing Consultant
Before founding Groweb, Geoff worked in IT for a number of years, though he originally studied Philosophy at Stirling University. Geoff lives in Stirling with his wife and two children, and helped start the new Cornerstone Community Church in Stirling in 2015.